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1.6mm Multi-Layers Hdi Pcb Board 53.7*56mm Size

1.6mm Multi-Layers Hdi Pcb Board 53.7*56mm Size

  • High Light

    1.6mm hdi pcb board


    53.7*56mm hdi pcb board


    hdi high density interconnect

  • Product Name
    ENIG Multi-layer 1oz HDI PCB
  • Material
    HF FR4
  • Copper Thickness
  • Min. Line Width/spacing
  • Min. Hole Size
  • Usage
    OEM Electronics Circuit Board Assembly Communication Use
  • Board Thickness
  • Solder Mask
    Green Or Black. Red. Yellow. White. Blue Etc.
  • Type
    Buried Vias And Through Vias
  • Surface Finishing
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001,IS16949, ISO14001,ROHS , UL, IPC-A , UL, QC080000
  • Model Number
    PCB Assembly 012
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    3 PC
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    ESD packaging with carton box
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10,000,000 Point /Day

1.6mm Multi-Layers Hdi Pcb Board 53.7*56mm Size

ENIG 2.0mm Multi-layers 1oz HDI PCB Printed Circuit Board


HDI PCB Board Introduction


High Density Interconnection,shorted as (HDI) PCB, is a kind of (technology) for the production of printed circuit boards. It is a circuit board with relatively high circuit distribution density using micro blind via and buried via technology. Adopting the structure of Stripline and Microstrip, multi-layering becomes a necessary design. In order to reduce the quality problem of signal transmission, insulating materials with low dielectric constant and low attenuation rate are used. To meet the miniaturization and arraying of electronic components, the density of circuit boards is constantly increasing to meet the demand.



No. Items 2020
1 HDI Capabilities HDI ELIC(5+2+5)
2 Max layer count 46L
3 Board Thickness Core thickness 0.05mm-1.5mm ,Fineshed board thickness 0.3-3.5mm
4 Min.Hole Size Laser 0.05mm
Mechnical 0.15mm
5 Min Line Width/Space 0.030mm/0.030mm
6 Copper Thickness 1/3oz-6oz
7 Size Max Panel size 700x610mm
8 Registration Accuracy +/-0.05mm
9 Routing Accuracy +/-0.05mm
10 Min.BGA PAD 0.125mm
11 Max Aspect Ratio 10:01
12 Bow and Twist 0.50%
13 Impedance Control Tolerance +/-5%
14 Daily output 4,000m2 (Max capacity of equipment)
16 Raw Material FR-4/Normal Tg/High Tg/Low Dk/HF FR4/PTEE/PI

The types of HDI PCB

1.through vias from surface to surface,
2.with buried vias and through vias,
3.two or more HDI layer with through vias,
4.passive substrate with no electrical connection,
5.coreless construction using layer pairs
6.alternate constructions of coreless constructions using layer pairs.


HDI (High Density Interconnection) circuit boards usually include laser blind vias and mechanical blind vias; general through buried vias, blind vias, stacked vias, staggered vias, cross blind buried, through vias, blind via filling plating, fine line small gaps, The technology of realizing the conduction between the inner and outer layers by processes such as micro-holes in the disk, usually the diameter of the blind buried is not more than 6 mils.



1.6mm Multi-Layers Hdi Pcb Board 53.7*56mm Size 0


Work flow for HDI


Board Cut - Inner Wet film -DES - AOI - Brown Oxido - Outer Layer Press - Out Layer Lamination - X-RAY & Rounting - Copper reduce & brown oxide - Laser Drilling - Drilling - Desmear PTH - Panel plating - Outer Layer dry film - Etching - AOI- Impedance Testing - S/M Pluged hole - Solder Mask - Component Mark - Impedance testing - Immersion Gold -V-cut - Routing - Electrical Test - FQC - FQA -Package -Shipment


1.6mm Multi-Layers Hdi Pcb Board 53.7*56mm Size 1


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Common packaging


1.PCB: Vacuum packaging with carton box
2.PCBA: ESD packaging with carton box


1.6mm Multi-Layers Hdi Pcb Board 53.7*56mm Size 5

1.6mm Multi-Layers Hdi Pcb Board 53.7*56mm Size 6



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