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Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry

Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry

  • High Light

    Fast RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly


    RoHS Fast PCB Assembly


    Lead Free Automotive PCBA

  • Product Name
    Fast Pcb Assembly
  • Layers
    1-46layers Custom
  • Copper Thickness
  • Min. Line Spacing
  • Board Thickness
  • Min. Hole Size
    Laser 0.05mm ; Mechnical 0.15
  • Solder Mask Color
    Green, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, Whiteetc
  • Material
    FR-4/Normal Tg/High Tg/Low Dk/HF FR4/ Aluminium
  • Surface Finishing
    HASL Lead Free,,HASL,OSP,ENIG,Immersion Gold
  • Application
    Telecom Communication ; Automotive Industry ;Industrial Control ;Consumer Electronics Office Equipment;Household ;Aerospace; Elevator; High Speed Railway.
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001,IS16949, ISO14001,ROHS ,IPC-A ,QC080000
  • Model Number
    PCB Assembly
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 PC
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    ESD packaging with carton box
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10,000,000 Point /Day

Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry

Rohs Compliant PCB Bom Gerber Files PCBA Fast Pcb Assembly for Auto Industry

Fast PCB Assembly Introduction


PCBA refers to the complete electronic circuit board after all components have been assembled . It has many benefits that make it a much sought-after element in the communicating and electronics industry.

The PCBA is a complete assembly. You have to assemble the PCB, once it is ready. The assembling requires both passive and active components. 


Haina lean Electronics is a one-stop EMS supplier integrating PCB design, PCB manufacturing, Component sourcing and PCB assembly.
The company is specialized in electronic products supporting processing services, mainly to undertake circuit board design, layout production, components procurement, PCB plate making, circuit board welding assembly debugging and other OEM/ODM services.


Factory Capabilities


PCB Assembly Capability
Item Capability
Advantages Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering technology
Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology
ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test)
PCB Assembly With UL,ISODD,Rohs Approval
SMT process adpot reflow soldering technology
High Standard SMT & Solder Assembly Line
HDI technology (High density interconnected board placement technology capacity)
Components Chip & IC 01005 ,55mm
BGA pitch 0.3mm
QFP Pitch 0.3mm
Quantity Prototype & Low Volume PCB Assembly,from 1 Board to 250, or up to 5000 and customized
Type of Assembly SMT, Thru-hole ,DIP ,MIX
Solder Type Water Soluble Solder Paste, Leaded and Lead-Free
Bare Board Size Largest:700X610mm (Custom)
File Formate Gerber files, Pick-N-Place file, BOM ,PADs ,Protel,CAD
Types of Service Turn-key,partial turn-key or consignment
Testing Flying Probe Test,X-ray Inspection AOI Test
PCB assembly process Drilling----Exposure-----Plating-----Etaching & Stripping---Punching-----Electrical Testing-----SMT-----Wave Soldering-----Assembling---- ICT-----Function Testing-----Temperature & Humidity Testing


Lead free PCB Aassembly Production Process


PCB,Component sourcing ,QC ,SMT Process ,AOI ,Test ,Automatic optical inspection ,DIP Process ,Washing board ,FQC .


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Our WorkShop


Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry 1

Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry 2

Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry 3Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry 4


Green Red Yellow Blue PCBA Application Field


Printed circuit boards And PCB Assembly are mainly used for many telecom communication industry, medical equipments, consumer electronics ,automotive electronics , audio and video, optoelectronics, robotics, hydroelectric power, aerospace, education, power supply, printer ,Auto Industry ,Smart Home.etc.


Delivery Time 


Product Type Qty Normal lead time Quick-turn lead time
SMT+DIP 1-50 1WD-2WD 8H
SMT+DIP 51-200 2WD-3WD 1.5WD
SMT+DIP 201-2000 3WD-4WD 2WD
SMT+DIP ≥2001 4WD-5WD 3WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) 1-50 2.5WD-3.5WD 1WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) 51-2000 5WD-6WD 2.5WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) ≥2001 ≥7WD 5WD
PCBA(6-10Layer) 1-50 3WD-4WD 2.5WD
PCBA(6-10Layer) 51-2000 7WD-8WD 6WD
PCBA(10-HDILayer) 1-50 7WD-9WD 5WD
PCBA(10-HDILayer) 51-2000 9WD-11WD 7WD




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Common packaging

PCB: Vacuum packaging with carton box
PCBA: ESD packaging with carton box


Bom Gerber Files RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly For Auto Industry 6




Q1:What service do you have?

A1: We provide turnkey solution including RD, PCB fabrication, SMT, PCB Assembley ,final assembly,testing and other
value-added service.

Q2:What are the main products of your PCB/PCBA services?

A2:Our PCB/PCBA services are mainly for the industries including Medical, Automotive, Energy,
Metering/Measurements. Consumer Electronics.

Q3:How can we ensure our information should not let third party to see our design?

A3: We are wiling to sign NDA effect by customer side locallaw and promising to keep customers datain highconfidential level.

Q4:What does Parason need for a customized PCB order?

A4:When you place a PCB order, the customers need to provide Gerber or pcb file.If you do not have the fileinthe correct format, you can send all the details related to the products.

Q5:What will be needed for a customized PCBA order?

A5: When you place a PCBA order, you need to provide Gerber or pcb file and the BOM list to us.

Q6:Do you have an minimum order quantity?

A6:We accept order with as low as a quantity of 1 (piece or panel)


Company Information 

Beijing Haina lean Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional PCB manufacture in Beijing,China. With more then 10 years of development, Haina Lean Electronics turns into a first class manufacture of HDI PCB ,with production capability 4000 square meters.

Our factory is providing high quality bare PCB, PCB layout design service and PCB assembly service,including components sourcing, function test,conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all.


We have profuse experience in manufacturing PCB,owned experienced technical R & D technology team, young and professional sales and customer service team, experienced and professional procurement team and assembly testing team, which make sure the products quality of the pass rate, on-time delivery rate of customer orders.

Our services include: circuit board design and layout, 2-46 layers PCB manufacturing, professional FPC production, electronic components purchasing, SMT professional processing, Soldering and Assembly, especially sample and small bulk orders. we have the advantages of a quick quote, fast production, fast delivery.


Our first factory is located in Changping District, Beijing, the main radiation Haidian, Changping, Chaoyang three areas of Beijing. Since our company’s establishment, we have been adhering to creating high quality, high efficiency, low-cost business philosophy based on the circuit board processing industry for customers. Most of the key staff of the company are mature technical talents who have been engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, and have rich experience in the production of SMT and DIP, also has rich experience in production for high density & difficulty to package components such as BGA. We obtain a good reputation in the industry through the continuous efforts of all staff and high quality service . Our second branch plant is located in Langfang city, and mainly cover Fengtai and Daxing Yizhuang area.

The company pursues "inclusiveness, excellence, people-oriented". Constantly innovate, take technology as the core, regard quality as life, and wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality and high-efficiency humanized services.We are willing to serve our customers with the principle of continuous honesty & trustworthiness, pragmatism and innovation.

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