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High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz

High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz

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    6oz smt pcb assembly


    high tg smt pcb assembly


    hasl lead free smt pcba

  • Product Name
    PCB SMT Assembly
  • Material
    Fr4 High Tg
  • Copper Thickness
    1OZ To 6OZ
  • Min. Line Width/spacing
  • Board Thickness
    0.5mm To 3.5mm
  • Min. Hole Size
    Laser 0.05mm ; Mechnical 0.15
  • Surface Finishing
    HASL Lead Free
  • Solder Mask Color
    Green. Red. Blue. White. Black.Yellow Etc.
  • Service
    One-stop EMS Supplier,PCB&PCBA,ODM,OEM
  • PCB Assembly Method
    Mixed; SMT, DIP, THT Single Side; Double Side
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001,IS16949, ISO14001,ROHS ,IPC-A ,QC080000
  • Model Number
    PCB Assembly 04
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 PC
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    ESD packaging with carton box
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10,000,000 Point /Day

High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz

HASL Lead Free Electronic Circuit Pcba assembly PCB SMT Assembly


PCB SMT Assembly Introduction

SMT development trend:

Higher process stability and reliability to meet mass production, professional production, reduce costs.

Higher assembly precision, to meet the micro-spacing device mounting, improve assembly density.

Higher technical content, adapt to the assembly of new device packaging.

It is conducive to environmental protection and human health.

We offer competitive pricing, as well as flexible shipment plans to you. Our engineers is qualified and experienced in producing surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mixed-technology components and fine-pitch parts and ball grid arrays (BGAs) for high-density FR-4 PCBs. 

One glance and you'll know you have found the right manufacturing partner! We offer a quick quotation and efficient lead-time – especially on samples and low volume orders. Our primary products functions in these industries including automotive, industrial control, security, communication, medical and new energy. We’re focusing on providing one-stop EMS(electronic manufacturing services) to clients all over the world.





Layers 1 - 46 L (Custom )
Substrate FR-4,CTI600,Tg180,,Anti CAF,Halogen-free,,High frequency,Tg170&HF
Max. panel size 700x610mm (Custom)
Board thickness 0.3 mm - 3.5 mm.
Copper thickness 1/3 oz. to 6 oz. (outer) (Max)
Hole > 0.15mm.
Aspect Ratio 10 : 1
Min. track width 3.0 mils(partial)
Min. track space 3.0mils(partial)
Min. S/M bridge 3mil
Hole plugging diameter 0.3 mm~0.55 mm.
Impedance tolerance +/- 10%.
Color of S/M green,white,black,red,orange,yellow,blue,purple
Surface treatment OSP,HAL,HAL LF,ENIG,Hard gold,Imm Ag,Imm Sn,Peelable soldermask,Carbon ink print,Selective hard gold



PCBA Capability
Material Type Item Min Max
PCB Dimension (length,width, 50*40*0.38 600*400*4.2
Material FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,Aluminium-based board,Rogers,ceramic plate,FPC
Surface finish HASL,OSP,Immersion gold,Flash Gold Finger
Components Chip&IC 1005 55mm
BGA Pitch 0.3mm -
QFP Pitch 0.3mm -


Our SMT capabilities:


SMT Assembly: SMT provides a flexible high technology. These solutions include:

7 high-speed placement machines,

7 automatic printers with fiducial alignment,

2 X-ray machines,

BGA maintenance machines,

ICT test machines


Our DIP function:


A-8 semi-assembly production line with four wave soldering machines

1 U-shaped automatic assembly line for box-type building products with test stations

High temperature / low temperature aging test furnace B-4 for products required for aging test

With time control and temperature control

All products are 100% inspected and tested during the DIP process

Haina lean Electronics Co.,Ltd is a competitive China customize pcba for medical breathing machine OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn customize pcba for medical breathing machine production prototypes and samples from our factory.

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PCB SMT Assembly Process


1.Solder Paste stenciling---2.Surface Mount Technology (Pick and Place)---3.Reflow Soldering---4.Inspection and Quality Control---5.Through-Hole Component Insertion (DIP Process)---6.Final Inspection and Functional Test

High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 0


Our advantage


1.Service value

Independent quotation system to quickly serve the market

2.PCB manufacturing

High-tech PCB and PCB assembly production line

3.Material purchasing

A team of experienced electronic component procurement engineers

4.SMT post soldering

Dust-free workshop, high-end SMT patch processing


High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 1

High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 2


PCB SMT Assembly Delivery Time 


Product Type Qty Normal lead time Quick-turn lead time
SMT+DIP 1-50 1WD-2WD 8H
SMT+DIP 51-200 2WD-3WD 1.5WD
SMT+DIP 201-2000 3WD-4WD 2WD
SMT+DIP ≥2001 4WD-5WD 3WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) 1-50 2.5WD-3.5WD 1WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) 51-2000 5WD-6WD 2.5WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) ≥2001 ≥7WD 5WD
PCBA(6-10Layer) 1-50 3WD-4WD 2.5WD
PCBA(6-10Layer) 51-2000 7WD-8WD 6WD
PCBA(10-HDILayer) 1-50 7WD-9WD 5WD
PCBA(10-HDILayer) 51-2000 9WD-11WD 7WD


Electronic Board Assembly Application Field 


Our products are widely used in

1.communication equipment,

2.industrial control,

3.consumer electronics,

4.medical equipment,


6.light-emitting diode lighting,

7.automotive electronics etc.


High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 3




High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 4High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 5

High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 6


Common packaging


1.PCB: Vacuum packaging with carton box
2.PCBA: ESD packaging with carton box


High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 7


Partner's needs mostly:


High Tg Hasl Lead Free Smt Pcb Assembly Pcba 6oz 8


From 2000 onwards, Zhang has worked in Hong Kong Yilianda Circuit Board Group (Hong Kong enterprises), meiko Group China Factory (Japanese enterprises), Shenzhen Mingyang Circuit Technology Co., Ltd (Hong Kong capital) and other well-known enterprises, with rich production management experience. After joining our team in 2018, we have greatly improved the production detail control, quality abnormal control, complex product process improvement, staff habit formation, staff quality improvement and so on.