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6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

  • High Light

    full turnkey PCB assembly


    partial turnkey PCB assembly


    6 Layer industrial PCB assembly

  • Product Name
    Turnkey PCB Assembly
  • Material
  • Copper Thickness
    1/3oz, 1oz, To 6oz
  • Max Board Size
    700x610mm; Custom
  • Min. Line Spacing
  • Board Thickness
    0.3mm, 3.5mm
  • Surface Finishing
    HASL,OSP,ENIG,HASL Lead Free,Immersion Gold
  • Min. Hole Size
    0.07--2.0 Mm,0.075mm(3mil)
  • Layer
    6 Layer
  • Other Service
    PCB Design,PCB Design/layout/copy,Turnkey Assembly Service
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001,IS16949, ISO14001,ROHS ,IPC-A ,QC080000
  • Model Number
    PCB Assembly 02
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    ESD packaging with carton box
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10,000,000 Point /Day

6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

FR-4 HASL Lead Free Immersion Tin Full / partial Turnkey PCB Assembly


Turnkey PCB Assembly Introduction


With hiring the services of a turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer, it will spare you more time. For it includes PCB prototyping, PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, PCB assembly, and testing. 

If not the turnkey service, you wouldn’t have the complete board until all the manufacturers involved in the design must have completed their part of the production. That is why many PCB consumers are always looking for printed circuit board assembly companies that will help them design their circuit boards in real-time and at affordable costs. We are sure you are looking for a similar service!

Beijing Haina Lean company is a professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer here. 




Base material
FR4,High-TG FR4,CEM3,aluminum, High Frequencey frequency(Rogers,Taconic,Aron,PTFE,F4B)
1-4 Layers(Alunimum), 1-32 layers(FR4)
Copper Thickness
0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz,4oz
Dielectric Thickness
0.05mm, 0.075mm, 0.1mm,0.15mm,0.2mm
board Core Thickness
0.4mm,0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm,
1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm and 3.2mm
Board Thickness
0.4mm - 4.0mm
Thickness Tolerance
Aluminum Machining
Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Routing, Die-Punching,
Break-off tab available
Min Hole
0.2 mm
Min Track Width
0.2mm (8mil)
Min Track Gap
0.2mm (8mil)
Min SMD Pad Pitch
0.2mm (8mil)
Surface Finishing
HASL lead free,ENIG,Plated Gold,Immersion Gold,OSP
Solder Mask Color
Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Matt Green, Matt Black, Matt Blue
Legend Color
Black, White etc
Assembly Types
Surface mount
Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
Single or double sided placement
Conformal coating
Shield cover assembly for EMI emission control
Parts Procurement
Full Turnkey
Partial Turnkey
Component types
SMT 01005 or larger
BGA 0.4mm pitch, POP (Package on Package)
WLCSP 0.35mm pitch
Hard metric connectors
Cable & wire
SMT Parts Presentation
Cut tape
Partial reel
Laser-cut stainless steel
Other Techniques
Free DFM Review
Box Build Assembly
100% AOI test and X-ray test for BGA
IC programming
Components cost-down
Function test as custom
Protection technology



Our SMT capabilities:


SMT Assembly: SMT provides a flexible high technology.

These solutions include:

7 high-speed placement machines, 7 automatic printers with fiducial alignment, 2 X-ray machines, BGA maintenance machines, ICT test machines


Our DIP function:


A-8 semi-assembly production line with four wave soldering machines

1 U-shaped automatic assembly line for box-type building products with test stations

High temperature / low temperature aging test furnace B-4 for products required for aging test

With time control and temperature control

All products are 100% inspected and tested during the DIP process

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Turnkey PCB Assembly Process


1.Solder Paste stenciling
2.Surface Mount Technology (Pick and Place)
3.Reflow Soldering
4.Inspection and Quality Control
5.Through-Hole Component Insertion (DIP Process)
6.Final Inspection and Functional Test

6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 0


Why choose us?


Reliable PCB Manufacturing & Assembly; 

Quality PCB Fabrication; 

Best On Time PCB Shipping Record; 

Financially Stable PCB Company; 

24 Hour Tech Support; 

PCB Instant Quoting; 

Easy PCB Order Status Tracking; 

No Minimum PCB Order Requirements; 

Waived Tooling Charges; 

Free PCB Design Software & Free File Check.


Our advantage 


Service value:

Independent quotation system to quickly serve the market

PCB manufacturing:

High-tech PCB and PCB assembly production line

Material purchasing:

A team of experienced electronic component procurement engineers

SMT post soldering:

Dust-free workshop, high-end SMT patch processing


6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 1

6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 2


Delivery Time 


Product Type Qty Normal lead time Quick-turn lead time
SMT+DIP 1-50 1WD-2WD 8H
SMT+DIP 51-200 2WD-3WD 1.5WD
SMT+DIP 201-2000 3WD-4WD 2WD
SMT+DIP ≥2001 4WD-5WD 3WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) 1-50 2.5WD-3.5WD 1WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) 51-2000 5WD-6WD 2.5WD
PCBA(2-4Layer) ≥2001 ≥7WD 5WD
PCBA(6-10Layer) 1-50 3WD-4WD 2.5WD
PCBA(6-10Layer) 51-2000 7WD-8WD 6WD
PCBA(10-HDILayer) 1-50 7WD-9WD 5WD
PCBA(10-HDILayer) 51-2000 9WD-11WD 7WD


Turnkey PCB Assembly Application Field 


Our products are widely used in communication equipment, industrial control, consumer electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, light-emitting diode lighting, automotive electronics.


6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 3




6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 4

6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 56 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 6


Common packaging

PCB: Vacuum packaging with carton box
PCBA: ESD packaging with carton box


6 Layer Immersion Tin Partial Full Turnkey PCB Assembly 7




1.What are needed for quotation?
PCB: Quantity, Gerber file and Technic requirements(material,surface finish treatment, copper thickness,board thickness ......)
PCBA: PCB information, BOM, (Testing documents...)

2. What file formats do you accept for production?
Gerber file: CAM350 RS274X
PCB file: Protel 99SE, P-CAD 2001 PCB
BOM: Excel (PDF,word,txt)

3.Are my files safe?
Your files are held in complete safety and security.We protect the intellectual property for our customers in the whole process.. All documents from customers are never shared with any third party.

There is no MOQ .We can flexibly handle small and mass production.

5.Shipping Cost ?

The shipping cost is determined by the destination ,weight ,packing size of the goods .We can provide shipping, air, land, express and other transportation services .

6.How to ensure high-quality production?
The process is strictly controlled under ISO 9001:2015 standards.
Most of our advanced equipment and tools are imported from abroad. Such as Flying Probe, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) and ICT (in-circuit testing).
We have a very professional QC team.

Q7.What are the services you can provide ?

One-stop contract manufacturing
A:PCB Assembly;
B:PCB Design & Layout
C:PCBA programming & functional testing;
D:Electronic components purchasing service;
E:Enclosure molding & final assembly with labels,instructions,enclosure, boxes.

Q8.Whether all PCBA s will be tested before delivery ?

Yes , we will test each piece of PCBA product under your testing methods ,to ensure quality and functionality .

Q9.Do you provide OEM service ?

Yes ,we offer PCB and PCBA OEM Service , we manufacture the PCB and PCBA products to your design and requirements .


Company Information


Haina lean Electronics Co., Ltd is a one-stop EMS supplier integrating PCB design, PCB manufacturing, Component sourcing and PCB assembly.

Our company was established in May 1, 2006 in Beijing. And expansion was completed in June 2016. The company is specialized in electronic products supporting processing services, mainly to undertake circuit board design, layout production, components procurement, PCB plate making, circuit board welding assembly debugging and other OEM/ODM services.


Our first factory is located in Changping District, Beijing, the main radiation Haidian, Changping, Chaoyang three areas of Beijing. Since our company’s establishment, we have been adhering to creating high quality, high efficiency, low-cost business philosophy based on the circuit board processing industry for customers. Most of the key staff of the company are mature technical talents who have been engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, and have rich experience in the production of SMT and DIP, also has rich experience in production for high density & difficulty to package components such as BGA. We obtain a good reputation in the industry through the continuous efforts from all staff and high quality service . Our second branch plant is located in Langfang city, and mainly cover Fengtai and Daxing Yizhuang area. Our factory covers an area of 6000 square meters.

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